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Features of Windows Web Hosting

Web hosting has become very famous these days. It has evolved from small simple sites with a few images into full blown web based hosted applications where end users can visit a site, interact with the web site owner and even purchase goods and services all over the internet.

With the passage of time different operating system was introduced in the computer market. Microsoft Windows Server and Redhat Linux are just two examples and probably the most well known web hosting platforms.

Here in this article I will tell you some features of windows web hosting.

ASP Support

Windows web hosting support Microsoft Specific Languages. Active Server Pages, and other Microsoft's technologies to make dynamic and interactive pages.

.NET Support

Windows web hosting provides the next generation of Microsoft's Active Server Page, i.e.


A very essential component of windows web hosting is 'Collaboration Data Objects for Windows NT Server', which is Messaging Component comes along with Windows NT/2000.


Windows web hosting plans support and offer Microsoft Access 2000 Database for beginners and MS-SQL for experts.

PHP & Coldfusion

Coldfusion is and advanced option and not every hosting provider provide this. But PHP, MySQL is also bundled with windows web hosting plans.

Other important features that are provided by web hosts in the windows web hosting plan are control panel, POP3 email Ids and aliases, FTP accounts, backup, web statistics, Disk space and bandwidth, web mail, SMTP and SPAM and virus protection.

What are the tools and apps that are essential and offered in Windows web hosting?

First of all, windows web hosting supports ASP, ASP.Net and other ASP components. Apart from the default components, there is loads of third party software. Check the list of such components that the host provides in a windows web hosting plan. ASP Upload, ASPImage, Dundas Mailer, ASPjpeg, ASPEncrypt are few popular components. At times you may require to have your own components (DLLs) installed. This is provided by most of the hosts, but after the DLL undergoes a complete test in the server environment. This does not come free.

Other scripting languages and tools include in a windows web hosting plan are Databases (Microsoft Access 2000 for beginner, and MS-Sql for experts), and languages like PHP and ColdFusion.

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Windows web hosting support Microsoft Specific Languages. Active Server Pages, and other Microsoft's technologies to make dynamic and interactive pages.
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