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$7.95/mo Over 100,000 members from over 150 countries depend on IPOWERWEB for speed, reliability, security and global reach.

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iPowerWeb was founded in 1998 and is currently serving over 500,000 customers worldwide! They offer a very attractive hosting plan, the Business Pro plan. It is an ecommerce ready plan for only $7.95/month. In January 2005, they upgraded their plan to 50 GB of bandwidth! In May 2005, they upgraded their plan to 3,000 MB disk space! And finally in November 2005, they upgrade their plan again to 10,000-disk space and 250 GB bandwidth! If you order for 1 year, you will also get a free domain name.

Founded in 1998 in Santa Monica, CA, iPowerWeb is recognized as an industry pioneer and a trusted name in providing Web-based solutions directly to businesses and to various vertical markets. They have outstanding uptime, an array of positive testimonials, and a great support system. All their transactions use the SSL so that all information is encrypted and secure.

iPowerWeb is probably one of the biggest web hosting companies on the Internet today, hosting over 500,000 web sites worldwide. This is very impressive because it tells us that they are capable of handling enormous customers on any given day, and that their business model is highly sustainable given the nature of such growth. iPowerWeb was established six years ago, and has proven that they have been built on the premises of a built-to-last model


IPowerWeb provides some real great features that their customers can benefit with.

Money Back Guarantee: - iPowerWeb offers unconditional money back guarantee on all the hosting services. Domain names registered through their services will be subject to a $20.00/ year domain registration fee. Should you decide to cancel your account within the initial 30-day period, you will receive a full refund on the hosting fees. The registration fees cannot be cancelled, however arrangements can be made to transfer the domain name to your new provider. Therefore, the registration service fees are non-refundable.

Control Panel: - iPowerWeb has their own control panel known as vDeck control panel. It has got nearly everything that a customer would require to handle their website, it includes tutorials, walk through and a help center which is found to be helpful when you find some difficulty in using the control panel. What makes the vDeck control panel particularly useful is that it makes complex procedures such as building a web site or installing comprehensive CGI, PHP, or Java scripts simple. The panel's intention is to make the whole process of configuring and managing a web site easy.

Shopping Cart: - shopping cart is not required if you have about 1 or 2 items to sell, in order to sell items which are more in number a shopping cart is required. IPowerWeb provides their customers with 2 shopping carts Agora and Os Commerce shopping cart, with the help of these carts their customer can easily manage, add and remove items. SSL is required for secure transactions if you have your own merchant account. IpowerWeb provides SSL security.

Website Builder: - A web building software is also provided by this company to its clients just to help them build their web site with in few minutes and hence making it easier. This software includes professional web templates, which are hundreds in number using for constructing professional web site.

Marketing Center: - This is an area where you can find a lot of articles and free tools. There are over 50 articles related to designing and marketing your web site here. For free tools, you can use the link submitter to submit your site to all major search engines, and use the link checker to check for bad links on your website. You can also create meta tags for your web pages, check your web site position in search engines, etc.

Servers: - To help keep their claim of 99.9% uptime reality, iPowerWeb utilizes high performance HP servers, dual OC-48 connections on diverse backbones, Cisco routers using BGP4 protocol and provide 24/7 network monitoring. If problems do occur, they can keep your site up and running by diversifying information through three data centers with daily back up tapes and in the event of a power outage they have available diesel back-up generators. Therefore, with iPowerWeb, a little power outage will not freeze your site.


"IPOWERWEB, Inc., The Power Behind eBusiness, it is the worlds leading eBusiness Website Hosting provider. Our Internet based end-to-end solutions enable small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) to build, promote, manage and profit from their online presence.

Our four world-class quality Tier 1 Internet Data Centers are optimized to provide an industry-leading web, data, and applications hosting environment.

Pursuing total quality and delivering on our promises, research and development are the most critical aspects of IpowerWeb mission to be the best eBusiness provider in the industry."


IpowerWeb gives good customer support via means of various ways keeping in mi nd the importance of their customers. They offer e-mail, live chat, and toll-free telephone support for customers in the U.S. and Canada. IPowerWeb is generally pretty responsive using all three methods, probably because they have 80 people serving customers at all times. All of the methods are mentioned below.

Flash Tutorials: - If you prefer learning by tutorials, iPowerWeb offers over 100 brilliantly designed interactive flash tutorials. These cover topics related to email, file transfer, control panel function (vDeck) and others. In order to learn how to complete a specific tack, you can choose from several types of instruction, including flash video presentations, systematic visuals, text-only, printouts or you can even choose to receive the set of instructions through an email. Even an eCommerce newbie, with the help of elaborate, intensive customer care and help pages, can publish an attractive site in no time and manage it with ease.

Knowledge Base: - They have compiled a large searchable database of answers to many common questions. Unlike a normal FAQ style help center, you will not need to find the questions and answers by scrolling the screen. You just need to type some simple keywords and the search will return the relevant questions and answers! This probably makes it easier for you to find the right answer with in no time.

Email Support: - Responsive time of iPowerWeb is fast as compared to other web hosting companies. You can get the answer of any question you ask and you would get the reply of each and every email.

Telephone Support: - iPowerWeb provides 24/7/365 toll-free telephone support at their main line: 888-511-HOST (888-511-4678) for customers in US & Canada. For International customers, you can reach iPowerWeb at non toll-free number: 310-314-1608.


Empower your site and tower over the competition with iPowerWeb. With this service even high traffic sites operate with nearly 100% uptime, and with 250 GB of monthly transfer ability, your site will never go down with too many users.

So, if you are ready to roll onto the Internet highway or would just like to change lanes, iPowerWeb provides an accelerated, smooth ride.

IPowerWeb has shown that they are capable of serving and providing quality customer service to a large number of customers on a daily basis. They have proven that growing exponentially does not interfere with the high level of service they have provided since day one. 'IPowerWeb' is a well-known and well-respected name in the hosting industry, probably due to the fact that it is this host who first began offering large amounts of disk space at relatively inexpensive prices. The company also offers a 30-day-money-back, hassle free guarantee. IPowerWeb is an excellent hosting company for new to intermediate level developers.

Unlimited sites - 5GB - 75GB - $9.95
20 sites - 15GB - 250GB - $7.95
6 sites - 15GB - 400GB - $7.95
6 sites - 20GB - 300GB - $7.95
6 sites - 10GB - 250GB - $7.95
2 sites - 5GB - 400GB - $7.95
10 sites - 15GB - 250GB - $5.95
5 sites - 10GB - 250GB - $4.95
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1 site - 5GB - 200GB - $11.95
50 sites - 10GB - 500GB - $8.95
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